Men know they will work, it is liberating. Women can work when they have kids, they have to make choices. That is why they need community because with the choices they make, there are conflicts. And there are emotional burdens that affect you profoundly.

Erin Joslyn

An international relocation for my partner’s career, provided the opportunity to redefine myself in the professional community. MalamaDoe offers an ideal community for such work. It is so much more that just professional work space; MalamaDoe is community.

Beyond the typical networking that occurs in a professional setting, regular member meetings provide a platform that encourages us to collaborate and explore ideas relevant to most professionals, be it social media options, a new app for handling communication needs, pro/cons of bartering professional services, an upcoming community service event, etc.

MalamaDoe provided me the space to get the work done but even more so, the community provided inspiration and support.

Julie Knox

MalamaDoe Member

MalamaDoe captures the best of women’s networking – we are each other’s strongest cheerleaders and mentors.  MalamaDoe is a place where professionals meet, inspire each other, and encourage one another.  My involvement in the community has profoundly shifted my professional and personal aspirations for the better.

Maggie Cain

MalamaDoe Advisory Council

MalamaDoe is a community of creative, kind and talented women working side-by-side to pursue their passions and grow their businesses. The potential of each woman at MalamaDoe is believed in and encouraged to continue building and growing her business so that she can achieve her dreams.

Jamie Lynn Tatera

MalamaDoe Alumna

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We inspire women to get connected professionally by branding themselves, marketing their talents, and promoting themselves and others.

MalamaDoe is committed to being a part of the solution as we strive for an inclusive network that cares about moving its community forward. We are here to LISTEN and IMPACT CHANGE. #BlackLivesMatter

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