What Should I Wear

Last week, a member of my Advisory Committee, Tom Leisle, suggested I attend the Young Professionals week of activities. Since by no stretch of the imagination am I a young professional, I was perplexed about what to wear. Apparently, time had caught up with me and...

Road Trip

I just came back from a road trip. Road trips are always fun, they get you to look at the world a little bit differently, to see things through the lens of a new perspective, increasing our understanding of where people come from and why they make the decisions that...

Lease Signed for Our New Coworking Space

Today is a BIG day for professional women on the Northshore! Today, the goal of connecting women who work in business in a physical location is one step closer to being realized! Today, I signed the lease for a coworking space geared towards professional women so they...

We are Women in the Workforce

We are women in the workforce. And it is a male dominated workforce. However, while there may be some men who hamper women’s progress in the workplace, sometimes it is women themselves who tear down other women instead of building them up. I am reminded of the...

My Daughter is Going to be 6 Feet Tall

My daughter is going to be 6 feet tall. This season, she is playing basketball on her first league. Yesterday, I think she learned to love the game. Here are some lessons she learned. Women in business, take note. Raise up your hands and you will get the ball –...

Mary Best

We all have them… a friend who you did not know you needed, but they just comes into your life at the right time.  For me, that person is Mary Best.  We lived on the same street….a few blocks down and our oldest kids are weeks apart.  About a year after meeting, we...

My Biggest ‘Ah-Ha’ at Booth Women Connect

Have you ever come back from a conference or workshop on a total high because it’s just that good? I just returned from the University of Chicago Booth Women Connect Conference. As all experiences are at that University, it was amazing. The planning, professors,...

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