The Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Women

MalamaDoe – A Coworking Community for Women opened its doors in May 2017. This community was created to help women flourish, build community, and help society while empowering one another.

We have found there to be many benefits of having a coworking community for women. Here are a few.

Productive Quiet Time. Women who freelance or work remotely like to work independently. They tend to be more introverted and have projects they work on alone. They need quiet space to get things done.

Harmony in the Home. Women need to have a space to get away from the responsibilities facing them in their personal life. Be it housework, children, errands, etc – it is good for a women’s relationship with her housemates to have a place the only expectation put on her is to work.

Desk Ownership. When one works from home, things left in a workspace tend to disappear. This can be frustrating when there is a goal of sitting down, being productive, and meeting an upcoming deadline. Frustrations are a thing of the past when you have a place to leave your office supplies in a coworking community where no one else can touch them.

Work Friends. The beauty of a coworking community is that with a small effort you make friends and there is no hierarchy involved. No one is your boss, or could be your boss, the women there are all professionals who seek a bit of camaraderie…some more, some less.

Comfortable Interpersonal Interactions. When communicating with others in a women only space, it is a low-stress setting. There are no men, thus matters normally made awkward with members of opposite gender are a distant memory. A women’s work experience is less complicated.

Supportive Role Models. With a multitude of women nearby, the likelihood one has gone through similar dilemmas another woman is facing is high. One benefits from having a supportive ear nearby as it can give one the needed boost in resolving an outstanding deliverable, thus leading to a more satisfied work environment.

Collaborative, Inspirational Resources. Women listen and collaborate more when speaking, so one can bounce ideas off each other and be inspired by others while learning about different resources available.

Beautiful Spaces. Working spaces for women tend to have softer colors and more comfortable seating. The walls tend to be decorated in a pleasing fashion that suits women. For a woman, what is not to like about that?

The name MalamaDoe symbolizes what women need in a coworking community. “Malama” means a revered female teacher who cares and protects through stewardship in business. “Doe” represents women.

MalamaDoe is nestled between Milwaukee’s residential North Shore communities and its trendy Eastside in the Village of Shorewood, WI. Come and join our community!

We have options available for women seeking a new path in our Discovery Level, needing a supportive community of business women in our Club Level, marketing themselves with rebranding initiatives in our Intern Services, and expanding their businesses working in a Hot Pod or Reserved Space. We offer many of our services virtually. Learn more at our website.



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