As a solopreneur, you’re juggling the full range of your business’s responsibilities, night and day. However, just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should. Whether you need to farm out some menial chores or simply need specialized expertise for a specific project, here’s how to add tech-based and freelance assistance that takes your business soaring to new heights.

Prioritize Time and Energy
When you’re first starting a business, it’s typical to take on every little duty related to your company. However, as you grow, hiring someone to pick up the basics becomes a necessity. As Upwork explains, rather than remaining caught up in the nitty-gritty details of bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, and answering the phone, why not pass that off to a virtual assistant?

Think about which tasks you’d be better off letting go of, and then hire someone through one of the better online job boards. While you still want to develop an interview and hiring process, a website that tackles prescreening separates the wheat from the chaff, so you know you’re looking at prospects with the qualifications they say they have. With the right helper, you can focus your attention on scoring the next big deal or developing an idea in the back of your mind.

Not Your Skill Set
As a solopreneur, you’re used to being all things to all people — all the time. However, when something is truly beyond your training, there is no shame in hiring some help. For example, BDC points out that a strong website is a must for growing your business these days. Your customers will look for you on the web, and if your website is clunky, low-quality, or nonexistent, the implication is that your business lacks validity.

Even if you’re not an IT specialist, you might be able to piece together something rudimentary with a website builder. However, to have a truly competitive spot on the web, you’re better off hiring a web designer. A qualified web designer can tailor a site to your specs, so when potential customers look you up, they find a professional, flattering site that’s worthy of your work.

Tech isn’t the only realm of expertise you should consider outsourcing. LinkedIn points out that small businesses commonly hire freelancers for artwork, accounting, sales, and other niche interests. Contemplate the areas where you fall short, and rather than struggling with doing something halfway, hire a pro who can provide the service or specialization you require.

When There’s an App for That
Sometimes, you don’t actually need a person to fill in a gap for you. Depending on your situation, you might be able to make good use of the many apps available to streamline small business practices. There is software out there to help with a wide range of tasks, like managing your finances, collaborating on projects, supporting your customers, and accepting payments.

Apps might sound like too simple a solution in some respects, but they can be a low-cost — and sometimes even free — alternative to hiring more hands. It’s also an opportunity to improve your productivity, stay more organized, and enhance the flexibility of your work life. There are calendars, checklists, reports, and timelines to be had, so sort through your options to find your best solutions — and don’t overlook the possibility of blending some human help with electronics. There is no reason you can’t glean the best from both worlds.

Solopreneurs carry wide-ranging responsibilities. If you find yourself spread too thin to prosper, consider how your time would be better spent. Hire help with your mundane tasks, or to fill in your skill gaps, and add software that can streamline your workload. You’ll find these business-boosting ideas will help you flourish.

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