Women of the North Shore continuously amaze me and our recent Fireside Chat speaker is certainly no exception.

Many years ago, I had the great pleasure of becoming friends with Jessica Bell. Through her example, I learned the ebbs and flows of her business venture while being inspired on my quest to launch my own.

Regardless of where I was at personally or professionally, I always knew that Jessica was another woman out there pioneering business ownership on Milwaukee’s Northshore and Making It Happen. Over the years, I was thrilled to see her move from owning My Wine School as sommelier to creating the HaloVino shatterproof tumblers all with the help of Facebook feedback, a Kickstarter campaign, and many more intricacies.

As I watched Jessica take supported and calculated risks while developing personally and professionally as she pivoted in her career, I knew I had an invaluable role model.

Thursday, at Jessica’s Fireside Chat at MalamaDoe, Jessica continued to be a role model not only for me, but also for the women on the Northshore who seek Community by sharing the following:

  • How pivoting in ones career and becoming your own boss is possible.
  • That selling is really just loving what you do, showcasing what you believe in, and sharing it with others.
  • The recommendation that we find believers in what we are doing and reiterated the importance of finding the Brand Ambassadors who WE can teach and having a solid Advisory Council that can teach US.
  • The value of the gBeta incubator program she was in and how she overcame the many challenges that come with growing a business.
  • The importance of learning to stay no so that we can continue to focus on what matters most to us personally and professionally.
  • As her HaloVino glasses comfortably sat in our hands, she told us we were experiencing the Magic Moment – when we, the customer, finally understand what the product can really do for us – and we should use that moment with our customers wisely.

And we learned (as we already know but it helps to be reminded of) that having a great support network is invaluable. This is what make MalamaDoe so important.

We owe Jessica a huge thank you for taking time out of her busy schedule to showcase her talents to all of us and to make our lives a bit richer by sharing her story. We know that as we showcase great female role models to each other we build community one woman at a time – and today I think Jessica help build up an entire room full of believers.

As women, we benefit from having a champion and spokesperson for other women in the business world. Our champions inspire us to continue on our journey as we lead in our fields of expertise while we use our talents to be the best we can be.

As a courtesy to Jessica’s accomplishments, please share her story with friends as word of mouth is the best way to market! Also, rate your HaloVino experience on an Amazon review, and finally, bring her HaloVino wine tumblers on that next family outing – they are are a true testament to Jessica’s determination to have wine be more accessible to all and taste better.

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Photos by Kiley Peters with Brainchild Studios

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