We just had a big talk about our bulletin board. That’s right, the piece of glass covered with cork. Here at MalamaDoe, the bulletin board is a key focal point of our space. Thoughtfully displayed and decorated, it has received endless comments when it was put up ten days ago.

malamadoe-bullitine-boardOver the last ten days, many items have been pinned onto it. It has cards of our members, articles from newspapers, brochures of our neighbors, and most importantly, motivation statements that demonstrate why our members do what they do. As you can imagine, the bulletin board became less beautiful and more cluttered over these ten days. We needed to develop some clear guidelines on what could go on the board.

Wanting to stay true to the culture, I remembered how it is important to stay true to what lead me down the path of what is our culture and what do we stand for. Most importantly, who do we want to showcase and how can we best do that? A bulletin board seems like the place to do it.
As our members know, starting a business takes a lot out of you. It takes a lot of our heart and soul.

We must wake up every morning and love what we do, believe in it, and want to be there in front of our customers and those helping us bring our business into fruition. That is what we want to help our members do – be the best version of ourselves, take risks to develop our talents, and lead us to the correct resources through our partnerships – all the while cheering each other on with our successes and championing each other as we venture into new territory

But, our members can only be the best version of themselves if they know what they stand for, if they truly believe it, and want to do it. And we cannot fully support them if we do not know what it is. And it takes guts to let that piece of ourselves out our heart, show it to the world, and be vulnerable by putting it out there. Yet, for those of our members who do that, we cheer them on. We are ready to champion them and to lead them as they cautiously venture down paths unbeknownst to them.

So, please, come on in and see our Bulletin Board. Our bulletin board will feature our members business cards and their motivational statement, if they are so inclined, which state why they have chosen to walk down the path they have and will let our community help us showcase them to the world. Our business, MalamaDoe Coworking Community for Women, is about caring for others, showcasing your neighbors while rooting for them and helping them succeed. We want friend to help friend, neighbor to help neighbor, brother to help sister, and so on.

So, we have our Grand Opening in a few days. Please come and bring a friend and a neighbor and let them know that we are there for them, that we champion their successes. We are there to cheer them on as they succeed. Here is the info on our Grand Opening. Ribbon cutting at 6 pm (thank you Adrienne Shea from Little Sprouts for the referral).
Hope to see you soon.

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We inspire women to get connected professionally by branding themselves, marketing their talents, and promoting themselves and others.

MalamaDoe is committed to being a part of the solution as we strive for an inclusive network that cares about moving its community forward. We are here to LISTEN and IMPACT CHANGE. #BlackLivesMatter

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