My daughter is going to be 6 feet tall.
This season, she is playing basketball on her first league.
Yesterday, I think she learned to love the game.
Here are some lessons she learned.
Women in business, take note.

Raise up your hands and you will get the ball – especially if you are the tallest person on the court.
If you don’t get the ball, speak up.
If you still don’t get the ball, speak louder.
If someone is a ball hog, speak firmly how you can help them if they would give you the ball.
Focus on the outcome and how you all want to benefit the team.

When playing with boys – a loud, firm voice is required.
Show them how you can benefit them by defending, passing, and scoring.
Speak up.

Learn to like your body.
Size up your body against the other team and the defender at all times.
Realize how you have an advantage and use it in an instant when the moment presents itself.
Notice others.
Anticipate how to help your teammates score.
Take risks and shoot.
Be a team player, but not selfless. If you think you can do something, try it.
If you fail, try again. You will only get better.
Everyone is learning. All the time.

Be in the right place at the right time.
Put yourself under the basket.
Good things come to those who wait.
Be ready.

Get out your frustrations by being aggressive on the court but don’t foul.
You will be told you fouled when you didn’t, respect the ref and move on.
Apologize if you hurt somebody.
Sometimes you get fouled and it was, or was not, an accident. Life happens. Move on.
Congratulate someone for a job well done, even if they are on the other team.

We learned some great life lessons yesterday.

Kindness Matters.
Show Compassion.
Be Generous.

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