We all have them… a friend who you did not know you needed, but they just comes into your life at the right time.  For me, that person is Mary Best. 

We lived on the same street….a few blocks down and our oldest kids are weeks apart.  About a year after meeting, we were both expecting our second child.  We helped each other out with tips for years on pregnancy, child rearing, neighborhood info, etc.  all while attending the same round of playgroups with our kids. 

All the while, Mary was working on her business designing and sewing pillows and curtains.  But since it was her own business, she could float in and out of playgroups, taking her child out of in-home care to show up when she could.  She would meet the moms in the groups, growing her business “sewing” – which was really decorating homes and making them look amazing.

When Mary walked in a room, Moms would herald Mary.  We knew how talented she was.  Mary would do home visits the ladies and help everyone’s place look a little nicer and thus their days a little brighter.

Nowadays, Mary is featured in the paper, has won many awards, and is still the same great person.  I do not see Mary often anymore, but whenever I see her, I remember that she makes my life richer and I am among friends – and the world is just a tad bit smaller because she is in it.

This week, I had the great privilege of reconnecting with Mary.  I had her come over to my place and, of course, she transformed it into a beautiful, serene, setting.  How she does it, I have no idea.  But I am just so glad I know her.

Why am I telling you this?  Because that is why we created our group, Smart Mommas.  We make new friends while reconnecting with the long, lost ones.  Giving a really needed referral to benefit us all for some nice person down the street who we discovered and is amazing. And we all benefit from their services which in turn make us happier, more fulfilled, and and better people. 

So, please continue to support one another, post information that is helpful to our community while building your brand, and come join us for a meeting if you can.  We can only make our community stronger.

And, if you have a home office where the decor is just diving you crazy – believe it or not, maybe a pillow or curtain can help – you just have to meet my great friend Mary from Mary Best Designs.  Check out her website, you won’t regret it.  http://marybestdesigns.com

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